Interesting Facts About Gold Hoop Earrings

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When shopping for elegant, classy and timeless earrings, do not think twice about spending your money on gold pieces. Regardless of size, gold hoop earrings jewelry can make you look like a million dollars when worn with the proper attire. Moreover, the monetary value of gold earrings does not fluctuate erratically like other jewelry pieces. That said, many people don't understand much about gold earrings, which leads to uninformed purchasing decisions. Researching and learning all there is to know about the gold earrings you want helps in many ways, including maintenance. This article highlights critical facts about gold earrings.

24k Gold Earrings Need Separate Storage —The amount of gold used to make hoop earrings determines the overall value. Most of the gold earrings you come across are made from a mixture of gold and other metals to reduce gold's ductility. Notably, 14k gold earrings are stronger and more rigid than 24k gold earrings. For this reason, 24k gold earrings must have separate storage units. If you mix 24k gold hoop earrings with other jewellery pieces, the former will easily twist and scratch. Therefore, if you own a variety of 24k, 18k or 14k earrings, the 24k pieces should be kept separate at all times to preserve their pristine condition.

Gold Earrings Have Health Benefits — The best way to describe gold earrings is that they are a fashion statement and can elevate your look without trying too much. However, did you know that gold earrings have health benefits too? Most people are unaware that gold earrings have a soothing effect associated with their vibrations. It is generally believed that the vibrations loosen blood vessels around the neck region, improving blood flow to the brain. Consequently, it leads to clarity in thinking and reduces stress and anxiety. The more you wear gold earrings, the better you feel.

Gold Earrings Come in Different Colours — When shopping for gold hoop earrings, many people expect jewelry in gold colour only. To this cohort, gold jewelry that is anything but gold in colour is not genuine. However, nothing could be further from the truth because gold earrings come in various shades. For instance, rose gold, yellow gold, white gold and green gold are all used to make earrings. The only difference between coloured gold and plain gold is that the former is alloyed while the latter is pure. Therefore, keep this in mind when shopping for gold earrings to avoid disappointment.

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